Thank you very much to Gro Dahle who introduced med for the "Angry Man" script. After several years
of hunting I finally found a fantastic story many people have notice, and now I was about to make it
"my own". I have never written a real screenplay so I started straight away on the storyboard.
This is my way of doing it... but also because most of my films have been based on books.
I have made storyboards only for myself because I mostly work on my own. There are no single way
of doing a storyboard but in bigger studios they need to be more detailed and precise because they need
to be understood by many. The Angry Man storyboard consist of 4 big sheets about 45x60cm with glued on
miniature images, as in a cartoon. On these boards I write notes, dialogue, measure the time, move maybe
some of the images, make some new ones - and let things happen as I work through the whole production.
I start filming chronologically so I can change both the story and the design as I go without getting it "wrong".
It is not easy to follow a time schedule and a budget when I work like this. I follow the heart... And since
the production takes years it will naturally pop up new solutions that will feel better as I work. It is also
difficult to hurry up when you know the result most of the time will be better if you have the time at your