Artists in Residence

For the third year in a row Oppland Commune (Oppland fylkeskommune) is supporting us financially with the Artist in Residence program.

This gives us the unique opportunity to invite artists from all over the world to spend days, weeks or even several months in Dovre on the studio grounds to either work on their own artistic projects, on our films or to give or participate in workshops.

Being creative and inspired in Oppland County is a very special way to experience Norwegian mountains and local culture. The program covers travel and living costs, provides the necessary materials needed for the projects and organizes visits to cultural events and trips into the countryside.

Over the last years we have had artists visiting from Slovenia, Russia, Sweden and The Netherlands.

Menno de Nooijer

Dutch artist Menno de Nooijer spent two weeks in Dovre in March 2019 making a short film using pixilation in the cold winter weather.

Menno de Nooijer says that ‘…being an artist in residence for 14 days at was a unique experience. Not only because of the inspiring energy of Anita but also because of the other people working in the studio and also because of the unique place Dovre. Coming from The Netherlands it is very clear to see what I like about Dovre: the amount of trees, nature and space, snow and cold weather conditions in winter, mountains… All these elements helped me a lot in my creative thoughts. 14 days were not enough to be able to make everything I wanted but it was enough time to make me realize that I have to go back and work on more and different projects. During my stay I got the idea for a short animation film that I have to make in a place like Dovre.’


Tilda Krantz

In 2017/18 Swedish Tilda Krantz worked with Anita on the development of Mor visste ingenting / Mother didn’t know. In addition she wrote the script to her short film Fjelldronninger / Queens of Summer. Gradually the latter project evolved and we are now hoping to get full funding to start production of this beautiful film in 2020.

Tilda writes ‘…for me it was much more than an artist in residence program. Besides gaining knowledge and inspiration, I started a new project that feels very big and important to me […] It was the beginning of new friendships and getting to know a place, which I would call home.’


Alexey Alexeev

Russian filmmaker and animator Alexey Alexeev, known among others for his 2D series Log Jam, came in 2016 for 2 weeks. Besides taking trips into the countryside and mingling with locals, he produced several animated clips and other artwork. 

‘It was a great experience and probably the most unique in animation world: the studio is situated in a house which is part of a farm and surrounded by beautiful mountains and many sheep with funny voices and funny behavior. 

The Great Anita Killi makes animation films and at the same time takes care of about 200 sheep. Her films are outstanding and her sheep are very happy. It is so cool! Who else can do it?

I was happy to be there and wish to visit this great place again. This is a place for inspiration and the possibility to see wonderful Norwegian nature and people.’