Daughter of the Sun

Daughter of the Sun / Soldatteren
short film 1996
directed by Anita Killi
cut-out; 12 min.

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Awards and festivals


The 4th Seoul Internationale Family Film Festival, first prize for best family film in animation


Chicago International Children’s Festival, second prize for best animated shortfilm (childrens jury)


KROK - Internationale Animation Filmfestival, second prize for animationfilm for children

The National Centre of Art in Poland, first prize for best animation for the 16th Internationale Festival of Films for Children

Algarva International Shortfilm Festival, first prize for the best independent film

Lävrasiid Äigi, the original Sami title, means "a time during autumn". From ancient times this was the time of year when the Sami people hunted reindeer. A Sami boy dreams about this hunt in the beginning of the film. Suddenly he hears singing, he has never heard before – it is called joik. He falls in love with the joiker: the Daughter of the Sun. To keep her, he needs to hide her for three days and three nights without lighting a campfire inside his tent. In a cloudy night though he takes a chance, but the star, which is her father, sees her through the cracks in the clouds and takes her home. The boy looses the Daughter of the Sun but has learned to master the power of the joik. He gets a large herd of rein deer, and experiences the greatest love of all.

About the director

Anita Killi (*1968 in Stavanger, Norway) studied illustration and graphic design at the Norwegian National College of Art & Design from 1988 to 1990, followed by studies in animation and documentary filmmaking at the Volda University College. In 1996, Anita graduated from Oslo National Academy of the Arts with the equivalent of a masters-degree, majoring in animation (multiplane technique). Since then, Anita established and runs her own animation studio, Trollfilm AS in Dovre, Norway. Anita is known for directing several award winning short films, among others Sinna Mann / Angry Man (2009) and Tornehekken / The Hedge of Thorns (2001).