Stille / Quiet by Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen wins the Golden Gunnar award for best Nordic short film

The whole Trollfilm team took a trip to the Animation Festival in Fredrikstad (FAF) to celebrate the Nordic and Baltic animation industry and the premiere of Trollfilm’s newest production Stille / Quiet by Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen. We were so happy when Stille/ Quiet won the award for the best Nordic short film! Congratulations, Marianne! Thank you, Fredrikstad!

Jury’s comment

”The winner of this year’s Nordic-Baltic Short Film Competition is a film that is consistent in its approach, giving an unsentimental portrayal of a painful everyday life. Through its animated and original tableaux, this film shows the quiet children who, each in their own way, become the victims of their parents’ struggles. The theme is sadly universal and relevant. This film manages to give these children a voice in a reflected, touching way.”