Trollfilm is a growing animation studio specialized in high quality handmade animation.

The studio is situated in Dovre, Oppland, a small village in the Norwegian mountains, surrounded by several national parks. The studio was founded by Anita Killi in 1995 on an old farm - there are still some cows around!

For many years, Anita worked mainly alone, doing everything from producing, directing, creating the artwork, building and animating. Her last short film took almost 6 years in the making and was a huge success. Sinna Mann /Angry Man is claimed to be the short film with the most awards world wide in 2010.

 Since August 2018, a small team of four people work at Trollfilm on a daily basis on Anita’s 10 min short film Mor visste ingenting / Mother didn’t know, scheduled to be completed by the end of 2019.

Trollfilm has several new projects in development and we hope that the studio will grow into being a permanent workplace for a small team year round.

Trollfilm‘s trademark is producing meaningful epic films in multiplane-cutout technique that are both entertaining and educational. Trollfilm has a history of producing award winning short films, the latest Stille/ Quiet by Marianne Bundgaard Nielsen (2018) won the Golden Gunnar for the best Nordic short film at Fredrikstad Animation Festival (FAF). Read more about Trollfilm’s filmography.